There is so much unhealthiness sadly plaguing so many around us, we first noticed when health problems started arising in our own family. The health dilemmas before us drove us to investigating a better life style and slowly, we built our farm, beginning with poultry and evolving into the family-owned farm we are blessed with today.

Our goal is to provide wholesome and GMO free food for our community, we wanted to offer a small solution to harmful eating habits: offer healthy food instead.

We are a family-owned farm in Poulsbo, Washington, our pork and goat is raised on fresh pastures, while our egg-layers live in the meadows and are only fed organic feed. Our products are available at both the Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island Farmers Markets, as well as a weekly farm co-op called Kitsap Fresh, and The Bay, Hay, and Feed shop on Bainbridge Island.